Jake Weisz is a Sydney based, Australian photographer, and film director with an affinity for the wild and whimsical. His wondrous style captivates admirers by acquainting them with stories of the marvelous and the majestic. He has the ability to identify and transform our common everyday reality into experiences of boundless beauty through his unique talents which he expresses with tremendous style and flair.

Jake brings a fresh and honest approach to his work – the smallest details are often as critical to his process as the broader concerns. Jake is intuitive and innovative with an indefatigable work ethic. This has allowed him to been seen on the pages of Global publications, most recently; Folk Magazine, Alpine Modern Magazine, Hello May Magazine, Capture Magazine, MiNDFOOD Magazine, DNA Magazine, The Beast, australianphotography.com and countless online blogs.

Early in 2016, Jake Weisz was a featured artist in the Fashion Industry Broadcast’s photographic book ‘Masters of Photography; Volume 13 Australians’ sharing the pages with Australia’s most elite fashion photographers. His debut photography book ‘Reverie’ was released late in 2015, and has so far received much acclaim with its refreshing, and romantic exploration of New York City and its male inhabitants during his time residing there.

Inspired by Surrealism, the Romantics and the beauty of nature him, he is able to transform an image into a journey of allure and illusion. Every one of his photographs is thoughtfully crafted and styled with immaculate attention to detail and captured with love. The result is exceptionally beautiful photographs that tell a magical story.

Jake’s transition into film over the years has ultimately placed a new creative hat upon his head, Jake believes anything is possible and ensures, with infinite enthusiasm and boundless zeal, that this is true. People are astounded by his ability to turn the insignificant into the significant. Jake is emerging on the global stage as a photographer and director with unlimited potential and a boundless future.

Jake’s work invites us to “go down the rabbit hole” into his fantastical world taking us on the enchanting journey unfolding beyond the lens.

Warning: When entering this world be cautious – as you may not want to leave once you are under its spell.